A Massage Envy membership lets you enjoy monthly access to massages, facials and more.

Best of all, the benefits of facials and massage are cumulative. So the more you go, the healthier you feel!


Benefits of being a Massage Envy member:

  • Enjoy a 60-minutes customised treatment every month

  • Choose from our Total Body Care treatments (Massage, Facial or Stretch)

  • Your massage session is claimable on Health Funds

  • Unused monthly treatment? Save or gift it to a friend!

  • Get unlimited additional sessions at discounted rates

  • Save 10% on all products available in-clinic

  • Your membership is valid in all ME locations nationwide

    Enjoy less stress, more energy, and improved wellness with Massage Envy.


“I was having some neck pain issues, so I tried chiropractic work and it didn’t help. I tried massage and it did… I have my own path of emotional and physical buy levitra wellness that I’m on and massage is definitely a part of that holistic well-being for myself.”

Samantha D.

Massage Envy Member

“I used to cycle everyday in the sun and that is why now I have hyper-pigmentation. The deep cleansing and exfoliation that you get from a facial definitely make a difference long term. Facials are essential.”


Massage Envy Member

“We live in this busy city where you have to go full tilt to be successful and that requires more maintenance of your body, your mental health, and your emotional health. I’ve noticed my physical and intellectual stamina are better. Now I’m in the habit of regular massages and I would always do it.”

Leah S.

Massage Envy Member

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