Years of operation in the USA


Massage Envy Locations in the USA


Million members in the USA


Launched in Australia, 2 locations operating, 6 coming soon

About Massage Envy

From day one in 2002, the Massage Envy brand was built on the foundation of helping people feel their best. But we’re not defined by our position as a category leader, rather by the lives changed by the work of therapists and estheticians across the country. Massage Envy has made therapeutic massage services and facial solutions accessible to a network of more than 1.65 million members in franchised locations across the United States. And it’s all because of a belief that massage and facial treatments aren’t a luxury; they’re body maintenance, pure and simple — part of your total body care routine. Regular massage and facial care go a long way toward helping members and guests of Massage Envy franchised locations take care of themselves and do more — do more of what matters to them, what makes them happy, what makes them feel healthy and supports a more well-balanced lifestyle.


2002 – The first Massage Envy opened and launched accessible massage and facial

25,000 – Massage therapists and estheticians employed in nationwide franchised locations across the USA, making Massage Envy, collectively, the single largest employer in the country

1.65 million – Members across the United States

More than 100 million – services performed

1,150 – number of nationwide franchised locations in the USA

2016 – Opening of first International franchised location in Australia

“It’s the Massage Envy belief that we only get to these numbers by building from a culture of care rooted in a set of simple, but powerful guiding principles.”


We help people feel their best.



Total body care at Massage Envy is an integral part of everyone’s well-being journey.



The set of guiding principles for every individual across the Massage Envy organization. These aren’t just words on a piece of paper. These are the building blocks of our culture, because we’re grateful for the opportunity to help others. We approach our work with positivity and empathy for every member and guest that walks through the door and, just as importantly, for one another. And we strive to earn and to keep the trust of those we serve by delivering exceptional and memorable service.

Optimism – We approach our work with a spirit of positivity

Gratitude – We show gratitude for the opportunity to help others and for the trust it requires

Excellence – We recognize those who live our values and improve non-stop.

Consistency – We earn trust by delivering exceptional service at every moment

Empathy – We seek to understand the needs of others and accept and celebrate individuality